Premium Straps and Strap Locks

As an artist, you need fretted instrument accessories and searching for the suitable place to get an excellent price, then you can find a wide selection of straps at MusiciansFriend. The leading brands of products available here, you can compare the musical equipment and related accessories at one place and select the right one that satisfies all your requirement and budget. Get suitable guitar straps that can use the same strap on different guitars and ensure the guitar safe and secure.

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Change Ideas to Reality

How many times have you sat there and thought of a great idea that you became really excited about, only to let it drift away because you did not know how to turn it into a reality? Why does this happen?

Your self-talk may be getting in the way. You know, that little voice that runs through your head all day long, telling you that you can’t do it, that it is impossible, that you’re crazy. Language is very powerful and all of those negative thoughts you repeat to yourself all day long take their toll and may lead you down the path of stagnation.

Here is the great news. As powerful as those negative thoughts are, the positive thoughts are just as powerful. The truth is that you can create what you want. To demonstrate the process, try this exercise and see just how powerful you really are.

  • Think about your idea. This sounds really obvious, but how many times do you get a glimmer of something really great and then just push your thoughts away? Instead, try sticking with it. When you start to see a clear picture in your head, your idea has become real to both your heart and your mind – the most powerful of all combinations.

  • Focus on what you want by using powerful, positive, specific language. We are taught to express things in terms of what we don’t want, not what we do want. For example, we are taught to say, “I don’t want to be trapped,” versus “I want freedom.” The statement “I want freedom” is so much more powerful. This simple shift of focus is all it takes to put you on the path to abundance. Here is a good way to start making this shift: -Sit down with yourself and think about what you want. Just free flow what ever comes into your mind; just make sure you write it down as a positive statement. -When you have created your list, start to define it. The more specific you make it the better. Remember you can’t turn an idea into a reality when you can’t define it. At this point, don’t worry about how you are going to get it. Just start to really conceptualize your idea. -Once you have created your list create one powerful message that sums up all of your requirements and post it somewhere where you can read it every single day. Seeing this statement every day will be inspiring and a very powerful tool to help you focus on what you want. You can read your extensive list every week or so to keep you motivated and focused.

  • Use your feelings as a guide. Now it is time to see what opportunities are out there waiting for you. The amazing thing about this process is that you will start to receive all sorts of messages, but you have to pay attention. Out of the blue, you will see an article about your idea. Read the article, discover more, and do research. Does it fit your criteria? How do you feel about it? Do you feel excited or bored? Now here is the important part. Go with how you feel. Your feelings will never steer you wrong. If you feel excited, learn more, and follow the path. If you feel bored, let it go and forget about it. You will get messages thorough the process to let you know you are attracting what you want. Follow through and begin to take action on what you find exciting.

  • Trust. Believe that this will work and that every opportunity that presents itself is leading you to where you need to be. You are learning the lessons you need to learn right now and you will attract that on which you focus.

  • Acknowledge. When you receive the positive messages, acknowledge them, write them down, and be grateful. All of this positive energy will grow and create more abundance, which you will see throughout your entire life. You will start to see all of the wonderful things in your life, and you will start to feel a sense of strength and well-being. This is your body telling you that you are on the right path. Acknowledge it and give thanks.

You already possess all the strength and knowledge that you need to turn your ideas into a reality. You have just never been taught to apply it. If you let go of the struggle, get focused, and listen to the messagesHealth Fitness Articles, you can create the life you want.

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Best Quality Acoustic Electric Guitar

Anyone wants to buy a 6-string acoustic guitar and looking for the suitable place, then visit at WindwoodandBrasswood. The wwbw has gibson hummingbird pro acoustic electric guitar vintage sunburst instrument at a very reasonable price. This model has many comprehensive features like plek-assisted setup that give exceptional action and performance. Make use their service and find your favorite guitar without any hassle.

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Defining Your Life

What is life? What does it mean to be a success? What is winning?

Why all the questions?

Because it’s important for you to know the answers. - Not somebody else’s answers. Not the Philosophy 101 textbook answers. And, of course, looking up the definitions in Webster’s doesn’t count. The important answers to these questions, the best ones, are your answers, your definitions.

When you have your answers to these questions you also have a framework, a foundation, for your life and what you do with it. Answering these questions helps you create a benchmark for determining whether or not you are being true to your self and really doing the things that bring you joy. If you don’t decide that “Success = XX” then how do you know if you’re successful? If don’t decide that “Life is XXXX”, how do you know if you’re really living?

If you’ve already got the answers, consider them closely. Are they really, truly, 100% yours? If yes, great! If you weren’t the one to create the definition success that you use, who did? Likewise, if you haven’t yet defined it, then whose definition of life are you following? If it wasn’t you, chances are you’re attempting to fulfill somebody else’s idea of what success should be. For most people, that’s a direct route to misery.

After allArticle Submission, whose life is it anyway?

If your answer is “It’s my life!” then start defining your life today! Create your personal definition of success. Determine on your own when and how you’ll truly be successful and what your life will look like each and every day. You’ll soon discover that the more you define your life the more you’ll live the fine life that you truly desire

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Annual Classical Guitarathon

As a guitar player, you want to buy a new series of leading brand guitar and looking for the right place, then GuitarCenter is an ideal shop for you. They offer discounts on every guitar including used and vintage through Sunday. Minnesota Guitar Society is organized #guitar-a-thon contest that is a non-stop sale of Guitars from morning 9am to 9pm with non-stop performances on guitar and sharing the stage with many of the best guitarists. Make use it to share the stage with your favorite guitarist and enjoy the music.

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Passion Pushes You Forward

The process of starting a business or choosing a career is very enjoyable and stressful at the same time. It’s a good type of stress, but stress nonetheless. One way to keep your sanity in the midst of growth is to do what you know!

Let’s say that your vision is to teach business, personal development and internet classes. Narrow the list down to 4 or 5 classes that can teach in your sleep! Well, don’t take me literally…please!! Teach classes on subjects you’ve taught before or topics with which you’re very familiar.

Or maybe your vision is to operate a full-service, 5-employee virtual assistant business – the premier placeclients stop for all their services. Here comes potential client “X” wanting you to re-design a database for use on their web site. You take on the job knowing that you don’t have any knowledge about databases or web sites. My question for you is why?

If you are just starting a business or growing your career, here are some questions to ask yourself…

~~What are you passionate about? What is that “something” that you do as a volunteer or would do without being paid? ~~What do you do in your business now, that is very familiar. What would taking that skill to the next level look like? ~~What skills do you have now, that others can benefit fromFree Articles, and that will generate an income for you? ~~What are you doing to build a strong business or career foundation?

Build your confidence slowly and surely as you build a strong foundation. Start with what you know! I bet you know plenty

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USB Powered Condenser Microphone

Anyone wants to record direct to their portable or desktop computer, then they can use the quality studio gear usb condenser mic that make your recording as a professional one. The latest enhanced digital conversion technique has changed the project studio recordings in an easy way. Using it to your recording purpose and enjoy instant professional quality recordings.

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Tips for Transitions without Trauma

Life is a series of transitions – some huge, some small; some chosen by us, and others forced upon us. We experience transitions in all areas of our lives including career, family, beliefs, relationships, physical and emotional states, etc. The process of going through a life transition is stressful at best and may even be traumatic. The challenges of the process can be opportunities to learn and grow. The following tips can help you move through the transitions of your life with strength, confidence and success. 1.Realize that change is constant. You have successfully completed many transitions in your life thus far. Remember what strategies worked for you and adapt them to your current situation. Make a list of past successes and how you achieved them. Consider which of these strategies can help you in your current situation.

2.Stay focused in the present. Know that where you are is exactly where you should be. Complete what you need to in order to move on. You are in this transition for a reason – look for the lessons in the process. Keeping a journal can help you track where you are in the process and teach you what work is needed for you to progress.

3.Have a vision of the best outcome for you. Know where you want to go and who you want to be in the new situation. Even if you did not choose the change, you have choices about where and who you will be. Have a strong intention about what this looks like for you. Take time to envision your best outcome and get it on paper in some form – write about it, draw it, make a collage, etc., and then post it where you will see it often.

4.Stand back and observe. See that this transition does not represent your whole life. It may impact many areas of your life and through it all you will still be you. Journaling can help you see the whole picture of your life and identify your core values, your purpose and mission. You can change careers, zip code, family situation and yet the real you will not change.

5.Stick with your own stuff. Those close to you will have their own concerns and fears about how this change will affect them. They may try to influence your decisions to their advantage. Be compassionate but don’t let them unload their stuff on you.

6.Seek Support Find at least one person who will really listen to you without judgment. The right family member, friend, or coach could provide encouragement, perspective and momentum to support you through the process. Speak with this person at least weekly and call on them when you need extra support.

7.Soothe your soul. Practice extreme self-care during transitional times. Take time for stress relieving practices, relaxation techniques and good healthful living practices. If you have a wellness routine, stick to it! Don’t use the upset in part of your life as an excuse to abandon your routine. If you don’t practice extreme self-care, it is a good time to start. You will be better able to cope with the stress of change.

8.Connect with your spiritual side. Call upon whatever force you identify as a higher power in the universe. Use prayer, meditation, reflection on spiritual literature, or whatever works for you. As you make your intentions known to the universe, it will set itself in motion toward what you want.

9.Know that the outcome will be the right one. Have faith that even if you don’t understand it, life is a process that moves for our own good. The universe gives you what you are ready for and teaches the lessons you need to learn. Think about times when things did not work out as you would have liked, and you benefited greatly from the eventual outcome. Remember that life’s path is not straightScience Articles, and we get where we need to go.

  1. Give up trying to control every aspect of the outcome. Be comfortable not knowing exactly what the outcome will be. Realize that we never really know what will occur even in the next moment. Take the actions that move you toward your intended outcome and know that you will handle whatever outcome materializes.

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Staying in the Holiday Spirit

The holiday season can either be exiting and joyous, or saddening and lonely. How you experience the holidays is completely up to you. Really! Whether you feel sad or happy, lonely or connected is completely up to you.

Your thoughts, your activities, and the kind of situations you put yourself into generate your feelings. In other words, you do not have to experience sad or unhappy holiday feelings unless you want to. If you want to change how you feel, simply change what you are doing, and this will change your feelings.

What makes you feel sadder during the holidays? What makes you feel more disconnected, out of touch with the spirit of the holidays?

Right now make a quick list of the activities, or lack thereof, that may make you sad or unhappy about the holidays. Do something different about two of these right now.

Here are some more attitude-altering activities to help you stay in (or get into) the holiday spirit:

  • Doesn’t feel like holidays at your house? Put up lights! Decorate in holiday motif. Play holiday music and light candles.

  • Don’t have plans for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, etc.? Volunteer! Helping those in need can do wonders for your attitude. Or call up some friends and plan a small get together.

  • Aren’t looking forward to seeing family? Take interest in each of your relatives as you speak to them, in a much deeper way than ever before. You may enjoy them for a change.

  • Exhausted from cooking and running around? Take an hour, half-hour or even 15 minutes all to yourself. Don’t do chores, errands, clean up, etc. Don’t do anything you have to do, even if you feel guilty. Do whatever YOU like.

  • Don’t have plans for New Year’s Eve? Make some now, whether to see a show, a play, or get together with friends. Or designate New Year’s Eve as the time to reflect over the past year and dream about the next year.

  • Feel down or disconnected? Do something for someone else. Volunteer, donate money, contribute or serve in some way. Get involved in group activities.

  • Feel a lack of spiritual connection to the holidays? Go back to your roots in some way - go to church, light candles, pray, write a gratitude list, meditate, etc.

  • Not having fun? Play and be creative. Do something childlike, even if you don’t feel like it, even if you think it’s silly, even if you don’t have time or don’t want to bother. Better yet, play with a child. You will find it deeply satisfying.

  • Wishing you were in a relationship? Or, wishing your relationship was better? Do a grand scale gratitude list for what you do have and what is working in your life. It won’t fix the relationship situation, but it will fix your attitude.

Put yourself in the holiday spirit and enjoy the holidays!

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Best Quality-Musical Instruments

Anyone wants to purchase a top brand musical instrument with accessories, and looking for the reliable place, then browse through at and find a huge selection of musical products at an affordable price. Here, you can compare the feature of brands at one place and choose your favorite that meets all your expectations and budget. Visit here, whenever you need a quality musical instruments and related gears.

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