Tips On How To Deal With Bullying

Bullying behaviour may seem rather insignificant compared to the trouble that some kids can get into. In fact, it is often dismissed as just another part of “growing up.”

It shouldn’t be.

Statistics show that one in four children who bully will have a criminal record before the age of thirty. Teasing at bus stops, taking other children’s lunch money, insults and threats, kicking and punching - it’s all fair game to the bully. On the flip side, fear of bullies causes many kids to avoid school or carry and even use weapons for protection. While everyone is a potential bullying target, victims typically tend to be shy, sensitive, anxious, or insecure. Children are picked on for many reasons, including being overweight, being small, having a disability, or being an ethno-cultural minority.

If you suspect that one of your children is being bullied, here are some tips on what to do:

Listen. Encourage your children to talk about school, social events, other kids in class, and the walk or ride to and from school so you can identify any problems they may be having.

Take their complaints of bullying seriously. Probing a seemingly minor incident may uncover something more serious. Children are often afraid or ashamed to tell anyone that they have been bullied.

Watch for symptoms of victimization such as withdrawal, a drop in grades, torn clothes, or demands for extra money.

Tell the school or day care immediately if you think that your children are being bullied.

Work with other parents to ensure that the children in your neighbourhood are supervised on their way to and from school.

Don’t bully your children yourself, physically or verbally. Use non-physical, consistently-enforced discipline measures. Don’t ridicule, yell at, or ignore your children when they misbehave.

Teach them the social skills they need to make friends. A confident, resourceful child who has friends is less likely to be bullied or to bully others.

Praise kindness toward others. Show children that kindness is valued.

Teach children ways to resolve arguments without violent words or actions. Talk about self-protection skills - how to walk confidently, to stay alert to their environment, and to stand up for themselves verbally.

Recognize that bullies may be acting out feelings of insecurity, anger, or loneliness. If your child is a bully, try to get to the root of the problem. Seek out specific strategies you can use at home from a teacher, school counsellor, or child psychologist.

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Guitar parts and accessories

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Get Down And Play With Your Children

When was the last time you and your kids rolled around on the floor together laughing yourselves silly? If you’re like me, it may have been a while! Sometimes I get caught up in household chores, give errands a priority or answer the phone when I know I should let it ring, instead of making time for my two daughters. It’s not that I don’t play with them; just the opposite is true. It simply seems as if I’m trying to fit them into my daily schedule when in fact I should be scheduling my day around them. I used to be a planner. I would try to organize activities that I thought my girls would learn something from. I’m now much more free and spontaneous with them and I’ve discovered that at their respective ages of four and 20 months that this is the type of play they prefer. Here are some suggestions on how you can be more spontaneous with your children:

  1. Play “Chase Around The House” – Kids love to be chased, especially if you’re making a roaring or growling noise while you’re doing it. You’d be surprised how fast their little legs can carry them. This exercise is sure get you’re heart rate up and tone your glutes as well!

  2. Have a Pillow Fight – Make sure the pillows are small and not too heavy. Throw cushions work best for this activity. Lay a few ground rules, such as not hitting in the face or on the head and when somebody yells: “stop”, then stop.

  3. How Many Times Can Each of You Hop on One Foot – Again, a great cardiovascular activity for you and the kids. Alternate feet and vary the directions you’re hopping in. This is good for your children’s coordination and learning left and right, forwards and backwards.

  4. Pretend You’re Animals- Play a guessing game of what animal Sally is by the sounds she makes and the way she moves. Children love to imitate animals and can imitate various animals from a young age.

  5. Tickle Each other when you’ve run out of ideas, then a good old-fashioned tickle fight is the answer. Again, don’t tickle too hard and when someone (possibly you!) yells stop, then the tickler must stop. At our house, this game always ends with a kiss!

These activities take little time play and benefit you and your children greatly. They are highly interactive, involve a lot of laughter and take no preparation. They also let your children know that you enjoy being with them and that they make great playmates.

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Year of the Supercharged Guitar

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How to Raise Creative Kids

“Where did he come up with that?” Kids often amaze us with their imaginative ideas, and we should give ourselves a pat on the back for playing a role in this development. Innovative thinking is essential for success in school and in life, and it’s our job as parents to nurture our kids’ innate desire to be creative. Inventive play fosters original thinking, an asset when children are confronted with new situations. By providing activities that use their creativity and imaginations, we are giving our children an important tool to deal with life down the road.

Give them ideas.

Children come up with things to do on their own, but we also need to provide them with new ideas of interesting activities. Think back to what you did as a kid. Did you write a diary, create elaborate puppet shows, or sing and dance for relatives? Share ideas from your own childhood experiences. Offer creative writing ideas like writing an episode for a favorite television show or writing a new ending to a favorite story. Craft projects offer another outlet for inspiring imaginations. Craft kits, especially those from Curiosity Kits and ALEX, offer a wide variety of unusual and fun projects. They’ve brought us a long way from the sock puppets of our youth. These manufacturers offer ideas and supplies to make such things as scrapbooks, powerballs, soaps, candy, sun catchers, dolls, planes, dinosaurs, jewelry treasures, and lots of decorative items. Kids can gather ideas from the instructions, and then give the projects their own unique touches.

Keep ideas fresh.

Pick up any parenting magazine and you’ll find lots of ideas to get those creative juices flowing in your kids. Search the web and check out craft stores. Keep a journal or file for magazine clippings and ideas as you find them. Stockpile so that you’ll know how to answer the whiny “I’m bored” call from your kids.

Give them freedom.

Once you’ve given your kids some suggestions and supplies, step back and see which they choose and where they go with them. This unstructured play time gives kids an opportunity to stretch their creative muscles. Watch as they incorporate your ideas and branch out on their own.

Set an example.

Chances are, if you are a creative person, your child will be too. You display creativity in your everyday activities like when you reason with a disgruntled child, change lyrics to songs, and maybe even do some interpretive dancing to entertain a toddler. Your children see your silliness and it rubs off on them. You surely use creativity to juggle your and your family’s schedules. It’s a great idea to point out to your kids how you use creativity in your daily life.

As parents, we always try to do the very best for our kids and provide opportunities that will help them mature into intelligent, capable adults. Nurturing their creative spirits helps them along this road. With their well-developed imaginations, maybe they’ll turn it into a yellow brick, pink polka-dotted road with sparkles!

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New Trend

Increasingly, we’re spending our waking hours worrying about the health of our environment. Maybe that’s because the ever-growing list of ecological concerns is keeping us up at night. To turn the tide, Americans are making a concerted effort to drive less, recycle more, and reduce our collective carbon footprint. But what if making a difference could be as easy as turning in for a night’s rest?

The green movement has now inspired a new approach to the design of the traditional mattress. the Boulder, Colorado-based retailer of environmentally friendly sleep products, is now offering natural mattresses that incorporate renewable resources and sustainable natural fibers throughout their construction. Unlike many memory foam mattress that use a variety of chemicals during the curing process, beds are made chemical-free, offering you a healthier sleep environment over years of use. Inside every mattress are functional natural technologies like green tea extract that eliminates odor and keeps the sleeping surface feeling fresh. These beds look and sleep like the mattress you depend on now, but add eco-friendly attributes to improve both their comfort and longevity.

As a company, their products to be only part of their environmental commitment. They’ve rethought traditional shipping methods, compressing their natural fiber beds in to more efficient packaging that is recyclable. By reducing the size of the packaging, it is able to ship their mattresses, sheets, pillows and other natural bedding to your door, eliminating the need for excess shipping facilities and delivery trucks. Not only does this reduce shipping costs, it also greatly shrinks the company’s carbon footprint in the process.

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Leather Guitar Straps

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Protecting Your Family By Going Green

My journey to Go Green started when I noticed that my son was getting sick more often than he was healthy. We already had him tested for allergies and were well aware of his cat, dog, pollen and ragweed allergies. We had addressed those issues, placed allergy free pillows and pillow cases on his bed and yet he still suffered from unexplained headaches, sniffles, coughs and occasional sneezing.

What’s a parent to do? I scrubbed and disinfected my home, only to find that his symptoms had not lessened, they actually seemed to increase. Could my home be the culprit? Could I be sitting in a toxic quagmire and not even realize it?

The truth of the matter is yes and no, my home itself was no more toxic than my neighbors home, than the local school, hospital or daycare. But something in my home was most definitely causing his chronic illness. So what was causing my son this level of physical distress?

After a process of elimination I started to read the labels on my everyday household cleaning products. WOW, have you ever taken a look at them? The brands you know and have probably used since childhood are chock full of chemicals. Your carpet cleaner, your window cleaner, your bathroom cleaner, your dish washing detergent, your laundry detergent, your multi-surface cleaner. These chemicals can be affecting your health and the health of your family.

I found a way to convert my home into a chemical free haven and in the process found that we were actually helping the environment, along with our own health. This began the process of our home GOING GREEN. Besides the obvious change of removing all of the chemical based home products, we also switched to things like a water purifier instead of bottled water. We use bamboo fiber wash cloths and towels. We conserve energy by lowering the thermostat, taking shorter showers, and we are sure to RECYCLE every single item that we can.

By Going Green you can not only help the environment and future generations, you will be improving your own health and that of your families. Converting your home is easy with the right information. Visit my website and sign up for a free Go Green webinar to get the information you need to do a total home conversion. It’s the best gift you can give yourself and your family.

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Greener Living with Electronics

In honor of Earth Day, Retrevo, a site specializing in consumer electronics info, put together a PDF guide with a lot of good info about the environment and electronics. Here are some tips from Retrevo’s guide on how to be greener when using your electronics:

  1. Turn off devices when you’re not using them especially game consoles and TVs.

Large plasma TVs are the biggest hogs but game machines are a close second. Shutting down game players in the U.S. for just 24 hours would save enough energy to power the city of San Diego for a day.

  1. Make sure they’re really off, use a power strip and flip the switch.

Many products draw power after they’re turned off. If the charger in the wall socket is warm it’s likely sucking power. Use a power strip and shut it down to insure gadgets are really off.

  1. If you’re going to leave your computer on, at least set them to Hibernate or Standby.

Energy Star says the PC’s Hibernate or Standby mode can save up to $75 a year in electricity. And, don’t be fooled by screen savers “they’re no help at all.

  1. Unplug the gadgets you only use occasionally.

If you only use them once in a while fax machines, or peripherals attached to your computer such as USB hard drives for backup, unplugging guarantees they’re off.

  1. Use renewable energy to recharge small devices like iPods, cell phones and GPS.

Inexpensive devices like the wind turbine, Hybrid 1000, Free play Free charge, or Industries combo are easy to use and get your gadgets going in minutes.

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