Modern Agriculture

If any one is interested in saving the humanity from famine and food shortage in the future, it is a must they should think about contributing to agriculture. The revolution that is brought in the field of agriculture is to be sustained by proper use and ongoing rectification of the ill effects on the environment. Introduction of the hybrid seeds in the earlier period helped the farmers to increase the yield during the green revolution.

Now the debate is on everywhere whether the latest and modern agriculture can really help the farming community and the nation. All said and done, to feed the galloping population, we must adopt the modern techniques in agriculture by duly addressing the environment problems.

The agricultural research must focus on the ill effects of the chemicals used and the impact of the generic seeds on the soil and the productivity and find out the balanced approach. Though the impact of chemical fertilizers and the pesticides is proven to be on the negative side so far as the environment is concerned we must not forget the fact that in their absence it is difficult to ensure the better productivity. Future policy makers and the scientists must apply their mind to feed the needy with lesser ill effect on the environment