Use Rice Bran Oil By- Products

Rice bran oil is found to contain high free fatty acid which suitable for the manufacture of soft soap and liquid soap. Metallic soaps such as aluminium, barium and calcium soaps are also manufactured by using the rice bran oil. It is also used as a lubricant in various industries and automobiles.

T he other products like paints, enamels, varnishes are prepared from the rice bran oil.resin. The crude rice bran oil contains 2 -4 % tocoferol and has nutritional and antacid effect. The edible rice bran oil contains one to 2 % while the rest is lost in deodorizing process.

One more by-product, the rice bran wax is also used for coatings of the candy fruits and vegetables as it prevents moisture loss and the shrinking of the products. In the manufacture of carbon paper base, stencils and candles the rice bran wax is used as a raw materials.

It is better that we use such natural by-products and enhance the value of life.