Save The Energy And Avoid Pollution

Every one of us aim to reduce the pollution and save energy to contribute to the present mankind and future generation. When there are many ways to reduce the pollution and save energy, we have not applied our mind in that direction fully. It is astonishing to know that an average American is producing about 40,000 pounds of CO2 emission in an year.

There are few simple and easy steps to conserve the energy and avoid pollution that can be adopted by the common man. Proper attention must be given to the various home appliances which consume lots of energy and emits the CO2 to a greater extent. For  example, if the cloth is washed under “cool” or” warm “condition instead of “hot” mode , it can save nearly 500 pounds of CO2 per year.

Every modern appliance  is fitted with the energy saving settings to help you to save the energy. One should have the through knowledge about the usage of the same and practically use the same to get the maximum benefit. You will wonder to know that, 10 degree reduction in the heat generated in the water heater helps you to save 600 pounds of CO2 every year. It is up to us to use the information available from the various sources and put them in to use to save the energy and reduce the carbon emission.