Natural Fibers For Environmental Safety

Natural fibers are essential to make the cloth, string and paper. The major sector that is producing these natural fiber is the agriculture. All the small farmers are engaged in this line of natural fiber production and few corporates are also in the field of production. The contract farming by the textile units in the matter of growing cotton crop through the bunch of small farmers is also picking up in various countries. As much as 30 million tones of natural fibers are produced annually around the globe to meet out the Indeed the introduction of the artificial fibers impacted the price of the natural fibers over the years, but the preference of the people towards the natural fibers remain intact.

In the present day scenario of rising cost of the oil coupled with the awareness of the people about the environmental issues connected with the usage of the artificial fibers, the market for the natural fibers is increasing. The natural fibers are mainly from the plants and their production helps the small farmers to ensure the food security. Many other plants like Flax, hemp, kenaf, ranie and nettles are grown for the purpose of producing the natural fibres in the world. These plants also offer the livelihood small farmers. Cotton and Jute have become the most prominent and valuable natural fibers producing plants grown in many countries like USA, China, India.

Industrial Revolution And The Pollution

When the world ventured the Industrial Revolution era, little we anticipated that the industrial pollution will assume such a proposition posing the greatest challenge to the human health. Yes, the industrial waste from various industries in the essential sectors let out enormous pollutants into the air, water and in to substance of all walks of life resulting in the aggravated health issues. Despite the promulgation of policies and stipulations by different countries, the lack of coordination among the nations could not attack the problem entirely. The extent of industrial pollution caused by the prominent industries like steel mills, power plants, heating plants and much more has definitely affected the people in the far flung areas also to a greater extent.

Of course the industrial revolution has given jobs to millions on the positive side. For maintaining the equilibrium between the industrial growth and the industrial pollution, it is pertinent that we have the needed Research and Development to reduce the extent of the damage. The energy needed for the industries must be environmental friendly like wind and solar energy rather than the coal, bio waste oriented materials. The stipulations in the matter of effluent treatment in the sectors like leather, textiles must be given proper attention to reduce the industrial pollution. In all, the growth must go side by side with the needed prevention and precaution to avoid the industrial pollution.

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Success Steps For Any Process

Success is something of which we all want more. Some key steps are here


Commitment is something that comes from understanding that everything has its price and then having the willingness to pay that price. This is important because nobody wants to put significant effort into something, only to find out after the fact that the price was too high.

The price is something not necessarily defined as financial. It could be time, effort, sacrifice, money or perhaps, something else. The point is that we must be fully aware of the price and be willing to pay it, if we want to have success.


This is perhaps the single biggest obstacle that all of us must overcome in order to be successful.

We all carry a lot of baggage, thanks to our upbringing. The majority of people carry with them, an entire series of self-limiting beliefs that will absolutely stop, and hold them back from, success. Things like “I’m not good enough”, “I’m not smart enough”, “I’m not lucky enough”, and the worst, “I’m not worthy” are but a few of the self-limiting beliefs I have encountered. We carry them with us like rocks in a knapsack, and then use them to sabotage our success. So, how twisted is that?!?!

The old expression is absolutely true – whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right!

One of the main areas that I work on with my clients is shedding these non-supportive beliefs and replacing them with beliefs that will help them to accomplish their desires.

It is truly amazing the damage that we, as parents, can inflict on our children. So why do we do it? For the most part, we don’t do it intentionally or with malice. In the majority of cases, the cause is a well-meaning but unskilled or un-thinking parent, who says the wrong thing at the wrong time, and the message sticks – as simple as that!

And it’s not just parents that are the cause – teachers, friends, clergy members or anyone else that has influence in a child’s life can be a contributor to these self-limiting beliefs!

The bottom line is that we must shed the bad and replace with good beliefs.

Taking Action

“Nothing changes until something moves” – this is the battle cry of author and journalist Robert Ringer. And he is absolutely correct. Not all of the decision-making, clarity, planning, focus and belief in the world, will get you to where you want to be, without taking action!

Action – putting your plans into play – that is what will get you to the destination. Don’t get caught in the paralysis of analysis, or in the conundrum of Ready, Aim, Aim, Aim, Aim…

Get the oars in the water and start rowing. Execution is the single biggest factor in achievement, so the faster and better your execution, the quicker you will get to the goals!


So, there you have it; the six steps that will help you to the fabled land of achievement and success! You now have the opportunity to push ahead and reach your potential. No more excuses – make the commitment to take action TODAY!

Figure out what you want, put a plan together to achieve it, understand the cost, believe in yourself then go and get it!

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