Why we need to unify our comunications

Communication technology has made vast advances over the last 20 years. These days, most have a home fax machine and a personal cell phone, as well as a personal computer combined with some type of broadband VoIP telephone service. In addition, anyone who runs a business or works in an office has an office phone and fax, and possibly an office cell phone.

It’s great to have the ability to communicate in many different ways, at home, work and on the go. But there is a problem with all of these great ways to stay in touch and communicate. If you’re like me, you’re probably getting tired of the hassle of keeping up with so many different phone numbers and phone lines that you are using both at home and the office. Let’s face it, for most people that have all of these communication devices, staying in touch can become a real hassle.

Keeping up with so many phone numbers and sometimes can be difficult – you might not be in the office or at home, or realized you’ve taken the wrong cell phone on a trip and you are going to miss an important call. Missing a client because you’ve taken the wrong phone can cost you money.

You probably carry some type of personal notebook with all your phone numbers for your home cell phone or office fax, but what do you do when it is misplaced or you’ve simply left it behind? Just think what you would do if you had some way of unifying all of these communication formats by having just ONE telephone number. It’s a dream come true.

The latest technology that allows anyone to combine home cell phone, fax machine, broadband VoIP, office cell phone, office phone and office fax all into one universal phone number. Total unified communications is now available that puts you in control. You no longer have to miss a call or worry about remembering all those home and office numbers. You have global access and can receive any call with one universal number that works for every number you own.

They can give you by allowing you to have only one phone number for all of your home and office communication. And your family, friends, business partners, and clients will be thrilled that they no longer have to dial more than one number to get in contact with you.

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