Affordable Voicebox

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Ways To Heat Up Your Sales

1. Email each visitor a satisfaction questionnaire after they purchase. This will allow you to improve your order system, customer service, site, etc.

2. Give a percentage of your profits to a cause your customers would like. It could be a charity, school, environmental improvements, etc.

3. Take harsh criticism the right way and improve your online business. Don’t get down in the dumps, improve the situation so it doesn’t happen again.

4. Try bartering before you buy services, supplies and equipment for your business. You can use the extra money you save on advertising your business.

5. Give away a follow-up email course on an auto-responder. Include your ad with each lesson. People will buy quicker when they see your ad repeatedly.

6. Make sure your classified ads don’t sound like an ad. Don’t ask people to buy anything or they won’t click, give something away instead.

7. Give your free bonus products extra perceived value. Don’t use the phrase “free bonuses” use the phrase “you will also get”.

8. Keep your visitors on your web site longer. The longer they stay, the greater chance they will buy. Just hold a treasure hunt contest on your web site.

9. Make sure you’re always creating new products and services or improving old ones. Most products or services won’t stand the test of time online.

10. Split the cost of online advertising and marketing by sharing a web site with a similar, non-competing business. You would both put up half the cost.

Sliding and Folding Door Hardware

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Who Says Life Doesn’T Repeat Itself?

There is a growing awareness that children who witness family violence experience severe emotional and behavioral problems. As they grow older, boys are at greater risk of abusing others, and girls are at greater risk of experiencing abuse in their relationships.

* In a sample of federal inmates who had a history of family violence, more than half (56%) reported that they witnessed some form of violence as children.

* Men who witnessed their mothers being physically abused by their fathers were three times as likely to be violent against their female partners than men who grew up in non-violent homes.

* In a one-year period, a total of 57,182 women, along with 39,177 children, were admitted to 448 shelters that provide residential services to abused women in Canada

* The majority of children accompanying their mothers to shelters were very young: three-quarters were under ten.

* The number of children under twelve whose parents separate or divorce has tripled over the past twenty years.

Sources: Canadian Center for Justice Statistics, Statistics Canada, Canadian Council on Social Development.

In an attempt to break the cycle of violence, many communities across Canada have implemented programs designed to help affected children better deal with their experiences by providing them with safety and protection, self-esteem development and coping skills. Frequently these projects also help abused mothers who need assistance with parenting.

Foam and Foam Products

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Tips for Communicating with Children

Most people have more training before they receive their driver’s license than before they become a parent. Educating yourself on how to communicate effectively with your child can be the key to achieving your parenting goals. If you do not have children of your own, these 10 tips can help you whenever you are around children.

1. Draw children out to speak about the things on their minds.

You can ‘prime the pump’ by talking with them about their favorite foods, toys, movies, video games, etc.

2. Verbally reflect the emotions of a child before giving in to your need to teach them something.

Parents are constantly making the error of educating their child when their child expresses pain. “I hate my nose” is often responded to with, “you have a perfectly good nose” and the child is left to feel all alone with what could become an enormous problem for them in years to come.

3. Teach your child to wait instead of interrupting your conversations.

One technique is to teach your children to lightly touch your arm and to wait peacefully and quietly to be acknowledged by you. Children who interrupt miss a chance to learn to control their impulses and can upset the flow of an adult’s conversation.

4. Play little games whenever you see children.

For example, you could put something such as a coin in a hand behind your back and ask the child to guess which hand it is in. This is a way to build a strong connection with a child and make a child feel honored.

5. Lower yourself physically to a child’s level by sitting down, bending down, or sitting on the floor.

It may have been months since any adult has joined the child on their own level.

6. Hold and play with a child’s toys or trinkets.

Play is the language of a child. If you stop for even thirty seconds to draw a picture alongside of a child who is coloring, you could become one of their heroes.

7. Tell short stories to children.

Make the stories up or pull them from your own childhood. Stories can be used to build a connection, to teach a lesson, or just to leave a child feeling better than when the conversation began.

8. Follow up on the promises that you make to children with action.

Children are usually more hurt than adults by broken promises. Ironically, many people treat their promises to children as less important than their promises to adults.

9. Sacrifice some of your time to interact with children and to focus on them 100%.

Most adults do not interact with children who are present because the children are not able to meet their needs the way that an adult can. Five minutes invested in the life of a child will pay dividends that an hour invested in the life of an adult may not.

10. Master the art of Socratic questioning. This means that instead of expressing facts or lecturing that you ask a question to stimulate the child’s own reasoning process. Socratic questioning opens up a place in a person’s mind for the answer to be remembered. For example, you could ask, “How do you think we could take better care of the puppy?” instead of telling your child what to do.

Winter Blahs Become Family Fun

After spending another dreary winter Sunday with not much to do I decided our family needed an exciting activity. I thought I needed a break from planning dinner so I’d give myself a break and give them an activity.

I told my children that they were in charge of dinner tonight. They’d each need to prepare one part of the meal- their choice. Three of my four children were home and quite excited about the prospect of dinner plans. Even my sixteen year old son, who only gets excited about playing hockey was in to it. My husband wasn’t as keen on the idea.

Each of my children started their dinner plans. They ran to the computer to locate good recipes. I sent them to Simply Delicious where they found some good recipes. They pulled out cookbooks and ran to find their supplies. Of course, what I thought would be a treat for me turned into a bit of extra work but watching everyone scurrying around the kitchen was fun.

My husband didn’t realize I meant business and when he returned to the kitchen I told him if he wanted dinner he too needed to bring something to the meal. He’s not much of a cook so he took out our dusty juice maker and went to work. He used up a good amount of old fruit and resurrected the use of the juice maker.

What started out as a boring Sunday became a wonderful way for our family to spend quality time together. The kids learned some new recipes and we’re back to using our juice maker!!

Varieties of Electric Guitars

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Develop a Study Strategy

When preparing to take the exam, you need a study strategy to ensure your success

1) Consider working alone and with a study group.

There are benefits to doing both types of study. First off, working alone will enable you to work through problems without distraction. You can go at your own pace and focus on areas that might be troublesome to you and speed up certain sections that you know like the back of your hand.

2) With that in mind, working in groups also offers benefits.

There may be others in your group who are experts in areas that you’re weak in. Get the best of both worlds by studying alone and with a study group.

3) Practice as many sample questions and problems as you can.

The sample questions and problems in study guides will help you identify where your weaknesses are. On top of that, the sample questions and problems will help you get comfortable with the way questions and problems are posed on the test. Since study guides usually contain old exam questions, you can begin to identify a test-taking strategy that works for you before you actually get to the exam.

4) Practice timing yourself on the questions by using the study guides.

This will help to make sure that you can work through all the questions within the time frame specified. Since answering more questions generally means a higher chance of success, you’ll want to answer as many questions as possible. As you practice timing yourself with practice exams, you will also want to practice your test-taking strategies to see how your strategy works for you. You’ll be able to improve on speed as well as practice honing in on the key idea that the question asks.

5) Look for your weak areas in the practice tests.

As you review your test questions, look for the areas where you don’t answer as many questions correctly. This tells you were you might be weak technically and which sections in the subject area you need to study. You will also want to look for areas where you don’t seem to understand what the questions are asking. This might signify a technical skill weakness, but it might also signify an area where you need to study how the section is actually tested.

6) Focus your study time on your weaker areas as you approach test day.

When using the study guide, one study strategy that many have found particularly helpful is to focus their study efforts on the areas that have posed the most problems. Instead of focusing on every area of the test, test takers were able to delve deeper into problem areas simply because they were able to commit more attention to those areas.

Preparation is your critical foundation for success in the exam. By setting yourself up with a regular study strategy, you will be paving the way for success on exam day!

Am I Really That Powerful?

People often speak of miracles by saying that they experience the power of God as if the power of God was beyond anything we can readily imagine or experience. But the truth is, as we develop the receptivity to OWNING God’s power as our OWN and start to realize that it is within each and every one of us, we begin to develop what has been called the mental equivalent of that which we want to create. We get the KNOWING that it is already ours. “The Secret” reminded us and the Law of Attraction teaches us, but do we really know our power?

I can remember the first time, way back when, that I did a spiritual mind treatment or affirmative prayer. I remember feeling? Wow? What I am speaking is really going to happen. In fact, it is happening as I speak. Do you remember the first time that happened to you? We get that there is a Power that we can use. We get to the knowing and owning that it is already ours. That’s when we come to see the miraculous as the ordinary in our experience. Do you really know how powerful you are? Do you know that the same power that is “out there” is in each and every one of us?

I remember once a woman coming to see me, whom I had not met before. She had only been to our church once, so she didn’t really know any of this teaching. She started telling me about a serious problem she was having with cancer. And as she was speaking, I got real clear that her problem had nothing to do with cancer. She began to share more and more, and began to tell me about the fact that she had been and was still in a very abusive relationship. She began to say to me, “I think that’s the issue. I’m terrified of stepping out on my own. Where would I ever get insurance?

Who would take care of me? (Not that he was taking care of her!) I just listened and didn’t say a word to this woman. She sat there and looked at me and said, “I think I brought this into my life.” I would never have said to her, “You brought cancer into your life.” I don’t believe in that. You don’t want to look at people and say, “You have a cold? You must be doing xyz.” She said to me, “I’m beginning to realize that my allowing these experiences is actually causing and creating my experiences.”

She was sitting in a chair and she suddenly jumped up out of the chair and said, “I’m powerful, aren’t I?” I said, “Yes, you are.” Then she said, “If I can do that, I can change my life.” She looked at me and started to cry, saying, “I’ve been through years and years of therapy and I’ve never felt free. I’m free.” I didn’t do a thing. She heard herself and in my presence, while I held a conscious space, she began to see her own power.

So, for all of us who are creating muck in our lives, see how powerful we are? Look what we can do. When we speak our word, and know what it is very clearly that we want, we can create it.