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Living in the Moment

This week’s wisdom is on the power of living in the moment. That ability we all have to be present…allowing all this moment offers us, and all we have to offer it. Years ago, I used to be a very future-oriented and forward-thinking person. Always saying to myself and others, “Tomorrow’s gonna’ be so much better than today…I can’t wait!” – While not even realizing that first, I wasn’t even dealing with the realities of what I needed to face in the present – not enough money, not loving my work, looking for others to validate my level of excitement…and a host of other externally validating needs that I had at the time.

What I didn’t realize was that I was literally draining my energy from the present out into the future. I remember saying to myself things like, “I’ll have more tomorrow if only this would change” or “If I only had more intuition…I wish I had more wisdom…maybe tomorrow…” Without realizing that I was spending all my energy hoping for something better to happen next week or next year, instead of listening to my intuition and taking a breath to be present.

Buddha taught his students to be here now – in this moment. For this is the only moment we have – as you’re reading this wisdom now – this is the only moment you have. This is the place where God is, in this space of time, a time like no other – a time to listen to your Heart, not just your mind – and trusting your Heart’s wisdom like you would a trusted friend or loved one. As you read this, think of all the wonderful things you have to be grateful for today. Your health, your job, your intellect, your physical body (your own temple), your home, your friends…the list is as infinite as you are.

Take a moment to reflect…to embrace the real you – the True you that honors people and is creative, the True you that is sacred, as are your Dreams in life…

Pause for a moment…


Listen to the song inside you…that wonderful resonance inside you that longs to be heard…

And when you listen to its sweet call, you are present, you are loved, you are infinite, you are divine. Allow this magnificent feeling to wash over you…to move through you…as if you were on a beautiful sandy beach of your Dreams…smelling the salt sea air…feeling the gentle trade winds move through your hair…feeling the soft sand at your feet…feeling grounded…

Allowing any stress you may have to just effortlessly wash away with with flow of the tides… Remembering that you are part of the azure ocean before you…it is your Source and you are its beginning…

Feeling present…feeling grounded…allowing this moment to be you…

And you are better for this…

And so it is…

As you make your way today, remember this feeling. This feeling that you have all you need to create what you desire already inside you. Knowing that you are on purpose…embracing each moment for its sweetness and beauty – even when it seems difficult. As you do this, you will attract what you most passionately desire.

Compression and Sustain Effects

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Give Presence Not Presents

Throughout the year we have many gift-giving opportunities to show love to those around us. From Christmas to Birthdays, Valentines Day and more, our thoughts turn to finding the perfect gift. Before you shop and wrap remember that our loved ones need more of our presence than our presents! This type of gift giving uses more creativity, less of our money and more of our heart. Need some ideas on how you can give of your presence and not just store bought presents?


Instead of purchasing restaurant gift certificates for someone, invite them to dinner with you! Make sure they understand that you are picking up the tab as your gift to them, but the real gift will be the time you get to spend together.


My mother simply hates shopping for me. She also hates shopping with me. Ok, she hates shopping period. But she knows how much I love it! That’s why it is such a wonderful gift to me when she takes me on a shopping spree for my birthday every year. If you had planned to buy a loved one something at the store, you can still give of your presence too. Invite your special someone to come pick it out with you. I still remember when I was younger, and a boyfriend took me shopping. He had me model the knit sweater for him before he bought it for me. The sweater is long gone and moth eaten but the memory is still knit tightly in my mind.


Clipping coupons is an excellent way to save money when shopping but they are also a great way to save money when gift giving. The home computer has made coupon books easy and professional looking. Trying to think creatively about what your loved one needs is the hardest part of making meaningful coupons. Would your husband love his own indoor tailgate party with a coupon for a night of uninterrupted football coverage complete with his favorite snacks and drinks? Or maybe your young teenage daughter needs a coupon book offering taxi rides anywhere her and her friends want to be chauffeured for the night? You get the idea. Be creative.


Whatever politically correct word you use, incentives for children to get good grades or allowance given to complete weekly chores or reach behavioral goals are generally money or present oriented. I would like to suggest that you substitute presence for presents in this situation too once in a while. My parents used to take me to a good movie when I got good grades at the end of each quarter, even if I would have preferred the cash like my friends got, it strengthened our relationship more than the money ever would have.

When I was potty training my oldest daughter, instead of giving her candy to reinforce her efforts, I would let her draw an activity from a jar. She knew that I would drop everything and give her my undivided attention and presence to read her a story, color with her, eat a Popsicle with her, etc. Now that this same daughter is 8 and she would much rather have me cater and entertain at her sleep over party, than to be given an allowance as appreciation for doing her chores!

If you truly believe that Time = Money, than give a gift worth it’s wealth in gold.

Standard Floor Tom Leg set

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Talk Your Child Clever

Most parents can hardly wait for their baby to say its first word. This usually happens between the nine months and a year. From about two years, the child should be able to use simple phrases, and by three he should be able to use full sentences. By four, he should be fully able to talk, although he may still make grammatical errors. By five, he should have acquired basic language.

There is little doubt that language acquisition is one of the key milestones in early childhood development. Much of a child’s future social and intellectual development hinges on this milestone. A language delay can lead to isolation and withdrawal, and to learning difficulties and poor academic performance. Recent research has revealed a dramatic link between the development of spoken language and written language among children, and the importance of language acquisition to basic reading skills.

Many parents believe that the term “language development” implies that the child’s acquisition of language is an automatic process. This, however, is not the case. There is nothing that any human being knows or can do that he has not learned. This is especially true of language acquisition.

The child begins to learn language from the day he is born. From the very first moment it is the parents’ responsibility to lay a proper foundation that will enable the child to acquire adequate language skills. Just like parents must ensure that a child follows a healthy and balanced diet for optimal physically development, they must take steps to ensure optimal language development.


Parents should start talking to their little baby from the day he is born. Some mothers are by nature quiet and reserved. Others have the unfortunate idea that it is foolish to talk to their babies, knowing that they do not understand. The mother, who does not talk continually while feeding, bathing and dressing her baby, is laying the foundation for a late talker.

The baby learns language in one way only, and that is by hearing language as the parents talk and talk to it. The more a parent can talk to a child, often repeating the same words, the same phrases, the same structures over and over, the sooner the child will learn language.

An important thing to note here is that by the time a baby is about nine months old he should be able to understand simple words and commands. He may perhaps also be able to say a few simple words already. Invariably, however, one finds that the baby understands much more than he is able to say. In fact, this remains so of any person throughout his life. One is always able to understand more of any language, even one’s mother tongue, than one is able to use in active speech. This is even more so of any second or third languages that a person is able to speak.

This shows that we have two more or less separate masses of language knowledge, our PASSIVE knowledge (also called receptive language) on one hand, and our ACTIVE (expressive language) on the other. When we listen or read, we make use of our passive vocabulary, and when we speak or write, of our active vocabulary.

An important thing to note here is that the child’s passive vocabulary came into being through constant and continual repetition of words, phrases or structures. Once a word, phrase or structure has been repeated often enough, it also becomes part of the baby’s active vocabulary. This shows that the active vocabulary can only be improved VIA the passive. Research has shown that a child who is just beginning to talk must hear a word about 500 times before it will become part of his active vocabulary. Long before that it will already form part of his passive vocabulary. This means that parents should create as many opportunities as possible in which their baby can hear them talk.


Parents should read to their children as often as possible. The secret, however, which will lead to optimal language development, is to read the SAME stories over and over and over.

In the “good old days” there was not the abundance of storybooks that there is today. Parents were compelled – it was also part of the child-rearing traditions – to tell over and over to their children the few stories that they knew, or to read over and over to their children the few books in their possession. They also spent a lot of time teaching their children rhymes and songs. As I discovered for myself through my own son, this over and over repetition of the same stories and rhymes was extremely beneficial for the acquisition of language. In fact, I took this tradition to the extreme, exposing my son to only ONE book for nearly two years.

Soon after my elder son, Gustav, was born, I bought him a book with the story of Pinocchio. The book was aimed at four-year-olds. Except for talking to him continually, I started to read to him from this book when he was only two or three months old – as often as I could, over and over and over. I found this tedious, of course. Gustav, however, loved it, and the results of this experiment made all my efforts worthwhile. Not only did he start talking much sooner than most children do, but when he was just over two years, he could recite nearly all the pages from Pinocchio. When turning to a new page, one only had to read the first word or two on that page and he would recite the rest of the page like a parrot. In itself this may seem quite useless, but of great importance was that the vocabulary in this book soon became part of his everyday speech. In terms of language development, he was soon miles ahead of his age group. In fact, to this day, his vocabulary and his ability to speak with clarity are quite astounding.

When a child is a bit older, one should start teaching him nursery rhymes. Research has shown that knowledge of nursery rhymes among three-year-olds was a significant predictor of later pre-reading skills even after the children’s IQ and their mothers’ educational levels were partialed out.

While an apple a day keeps the doctor away, talking forever makes your child clever

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Get control of time

Time management is a most common subject on which plenty of books have been written about. Yet, it is one main aspect that eludes a great many of us. Many people struggle to keep time and maintain balance amongst their personal, business and social needs and responsibilities. This imbalance has been one of the primary factor for causing stress, tension and anxiety and leading to severe health problems..

At the heart of any effective time management is the need for focusing on the core elements for achieving the desired results. As a rule, we tend to spend a great amount of our time on non-essential giving 80% of our time for achieving 20% results, and straining to achieve the remaining 80% of the results with just 20% of our time. This is one major factor for many of our stress syndromes.

So the first step for enhancing efficiency is separating the vital from the unimportant and devoting time and attention to the main issues and effectively delegating or outsourcing those activities of lesser importance. One way to keep tab on the way you spend time is to maintain an activity logbook for noting the time spent on different activities in a day, including making coffee, talking over the phone, etc. If you examine your logbook at the end of the day, you will find those areas where spending time is disproportionate to its value. You need to allocate more padding time for achieving your main goals.

‘Action Plan’ and ‘To Do List’ are enduring methods for achieving your goals. By breaking them into simple tasks, Action Plan focuses only on those basic steps for achieving your immediate goals. . ‘To Do List’ is of immense help to list out all the sundry tasks for the day or week or whatever.

Apart from these, what is of significance is that Mind Mapping can be a useful tool to help manage time at every step in the process. Be it Action Plan, or To Do List, or Activity Log book or even Goal setting. Mind Maps serve as excellent tool for efficient handling of your time as well as for attaining your larger goals. As Mind Mapping triggers a free flow of ideas and associations, you will discover new creative ways to overcome the difficulty of managing time efficiently.

Mind-mapping is an ideal tool for time management. Apart from maintaining ‘Action Plan’ and ‘To do list’, mind-mapping can incorporate other range of activities as well. You can form ‘Short-term goals’, ‘Medium-term goals’ and ‘Long-term goals’ into mind-mapping. In one piece of mind-mapping sheet, you can have all these activities included. This will help in keeping track on where you stand. With the goals constantly in the picture, your activity gains greater meaning and purpose. This will lend further momentum to your activities.

It is with actual application of mind-mapping that you will realize its true power. It is a simple and handy device that can be explored in various ways. Try it to know its potent value

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Organic Gardening Basics

Using organic gardening methods does not mean that you have to learn to live with insect chewed fruit, vegetables and flowers.
You can learn to protect your garden from destructive insects and maintain healthy soil and healthy plants without the use of chemical insecticides and fertilizers in the new e-book “Gardening Made Easy” available at our site.

Here’s an overview of organic gardening from “Gardening Made Easy.”

Organic Fertilizers and Compost

Organic fertilizers and compost are simple natural products that feed your plants and nourish your soil. You can create your own compost heap in your back yard, recycling grass clippings, tree leaves, garden cuttings and even kitchen scraps. You can also buy compost at local garden centers.

Compost can be used as fertilizer or you can grow your plants in pure compost. You can even create your own liquid fertilizer from compost.

Creating your own compost is as easy as taking out the trash. All you need is a small space in a garden corner to pile your left over grass clippings, tree leaves and garden cutting.

Organic Insecticides and Pest Control

Not all insects are bad for your garden. Most of us know the benefits of ladybugs, butterflies and bees. There are also wasps, flies and beetles that can protect your plants from destructive insects.

Using chemical insecticides, even using organic insecticides can kill the destructive insects but will also kill the beneficial insects. You can also buy beneficial insects at your local garden center or online to import into your garden.

Plants can also help in the war against destructive insects.

Planting certain plants as a border around your garden or mixed in with the plants in your garden can repel thrips, white flies and tomato hornworm. Peppermint will even repel and discourage ants from taking up residence in your garden.